You may have been crammed...

If you have been billed on your phone or ISP bill for an unauthorized service - you have been crammed! "Cramming" is a process of adding charges to consumers' phone bills and/or internet service provider (ISP) bills.

Please note: very simply, WE DO NOT DO THIS!!

We do not do any billing for email services via phone or ISP bills. To the best of our knowledge, "Odyssey" is a name used by one of several other organizations: One is umbrella organization known as OAN Specialized Products/Services. Note that in this case Odyssey is not the company, it is just a name that OAN is using... OAN is the company. OAN has operated under different names in different states.

Another group is Odyssey Streaming Radio Services, a division of V&T Communications Services in New Jersey.

What can you do about the bill:

We at Odyssey Communications Group have shared what information we have on this situation with the Federal Communications Commission. We have also worked with several people who were victims of these other Odyssey companies. At least one consumer has had the charges reversed by contacting people at this phone number: 1-877-293-8573. We have also communicated this information to the Ohio Attorney General.

If your bill contains a reference to "Streaming Radio" then it is likely that your issue is with They have a website which includes information on who to contact and how to cancel their services.

To learn more about the practice of cramming, you could visit among many other sites. A quick Google search for "OAN Cramming" will reveal other useful links.

Then who are we -- Odyssey Communications Group?

We are a small boutique marketing communications and advertising agency in Dallas Texas. Working across new media we produce communications in CD, DVD, and streaming media. We specialize in web development, web applications, SEO and online internet marketing efforts. If you found our website while looking for the other companies, it's because we work effectively to place ourselves high in search engine listings.

We first posted this February 2006, revised it in June 2006, and revised it again in February 2008